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How do I create my webstore?

You can create a webstore under "Webstore Setup"

To create your webstore, go to "Webstore Setup," then "Info." Enter your name, tagline, and some information about yourself.

Then, navigate to "Playlists” under “Music” in the menu - name it, upload a picture, and create a category. Mark the playlist as “Featured” so that it will show up in your webstore.

You can then add content to your webstore under "Pages." Create a news page, or a special page to feature certain types of music you create.

Finally, publish your songs by pushing the "Publish" button next to the track under "Music."

If you need help building your webstore, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via the chat button in the bottom corner of your screen. Or, you can email support@soundtracktor.com.