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What is a PRO?

A PRO is a performance rights organization

A PRO is an organization that collects royalties for the music rights owner and ensures they are paid for the use of their music. 

In Denmark, this is KODA. It was established in 1935 by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

An example of how KODA acts as an advocate for its members is the recent dispute with YouTube over royalty fees. During the summer of 2020 YouTube’s licensing agreement with KODA expired. During the interim period before the negotiation of a new contract, Google wanted to reduce payments to artists by 70%. KODA refused and over 500,000 music tracks from Danish artists were temporarily inaccessible on YouTube. Several months later, in October, Polaris, the umbrella PRO for the Nordics, reached a new agreement with Google and Danish artists were once again available on YouTube under better-licensing conditions. 

Not from Denmark? You can find your PRO on the full list on Wikipedia.